Happy Healthy Weight Week! Celebrate Your Body, Don’t Loathe It

It’s no secret that Western cultures idealize thinness, particularly in women — even, sometimes, at the cost of health. Now in its second decade, the annual Healthy Weight Week, sponsored by the Healthy Weight Network, seeks to combat these potentially unhealthy standards of beauty. The week celebrates non-dieting lifestyles that promote both healthy habits and body acceptance. During the week, people are encouraged to eat well, stay active, and celebrate diversity by viewing themselves and others in a positive light. Instead of feeling miserable about failed weight loss attempts, organizers hope people will focus on how to be healthy and happy at their size, whatever that may be. tonus fortis

In addition to its public awareness campaign, Healthy Weight Week features two sets of awards. The Healthy Body Image Award goes to individuals, organizations, and even countries engaged in redefining beauty, promoting realistic body image, and combating weight discrimination. This year’s winners include Israel, for its new law requiring fashion and runway models to maintain a healthy weight; British singer Adele, for maintaining that it’s not her weight but her music that defines her career; A Chance to Heal, an eating disorders prevention program; and theHealthy Body Imagecurriculum, a school program designed specifically for fourth through sixth graders. make lash

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The Startling Kiwi Fruit Benefits for Pregnant Women

Women who are expecting may be quite interested in kiwi fruit benefits for pregnant women. Women who are pregnant are not being frequently advised to make sure they include ample amounts of this green fruit into their daily diets. There are many reasons why this fruit is so unique and special, including the fact that it contains fully complete nutrients. These nutrients make it possible for movement within the intestines to be stimulated and also for one’s quality of sleep to be enhanced, which any expectant mother knows are vitally important. Along with these reasons, there are also many other benefits kiwi fruit can impart to pregnant women.  Continue reading tonus fortis

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Is Omega 3 Dermatology Treatment Effective?

Is Omega 3 Dermatology Treatment Effective?

Most people are so sensitive about their skin. Skin disorders are treated mostly by medication. Sometimes skin disorder could lead to a serious disease, skin cancer. The most common skin disorder is acme, pimples and dry skin. Deny it or not, you might be so conscious and irritated when you have this skin problem. Omega 3 can help you with it. Let’s know how effective omega 3 dermatology treatment is. senso duo

Wartrol in stores dermicos vive

Most doctors recommend taking omega 3 fish oil supplements to treat skin problems. According to researches, skin cancer has number of cases in western countries. They have low intake of fatty acids. They are more on meat and foods with high levels of bad cholesterol. An individual who has low intake of fatty acids also has the higher risk to skin disorders. http://flexa-plus.be/

Most people in western countries have the imbalance of ratio of Omega 6 and 3. The recommended ratio of omega fatty acids should be 3:1. It should be 3 omega 6 and 1 omega 3 or lower. It will create imbalance if it is higher like 10:1. This is the ratio of most western people use.

Does gynexin work

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How is Bee Pollen Good for You?

To answer, “Is bee pollen good for you?” would be to answer a very easy question because it has been proven in so many studies and tests that bee pollen has so many benefits for human and even animal consumers.  To experience its optimum goodness, nutritionists and doctors recommend 35 grams of everyday consumption of bee pollen, as this dosage will have all the nutrients people need to sustain their lives. For those who are not really the biggest fans of scientific research and conclusions, so much historical data has been uncovered regarding the use of bee pollen since ancient civilizations.  Thus, both historically and scientifically, the use of bee pollen has been championed to fill in the missing portions nutrients that even a balanced diet cannot provide. Continue reading

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